Please note that this form should only be filled in by those who have already been successfully approved by Thistle Boxer Rescue to adopt a dog in our care.

If you are interested in adopting but haven’t yet been approved please complete our adoption form first.

Thistle Boxer Welfare Adoption Agreement

I understand and undertake to adhere to the Thistle Boxer Rescue policies and procedures which have been explained to me fully. I understand that I am required to pay a fee at the time of adoption. I acknowledge that this fee is NON-REFUNDABLE, even if I return the dog. I hereby agree to the following terms of adoption from Thistle Boxer Rescue:

  1. I agree to contact and register the dog immediately with a local vet, to inform the practice that the dog has been adopted from Thistle Boxer Rescue and to ensure that we have access to the vet records if required. I have considered the potential cost of unforeseen veterinary fees and will arrange any necessary veterinary insurance if I do not plan to pay ongoing veterinary fees in full by myself.
  2. I agree to arrange for the dog to be neutered/spayed if this has not been done prior to adoption. This is to be carried out within THREE months of you adopting the dog (Remove wording here that is not relevant – add in for females, need at least one season and leave for 3 months after; for males, be at least the age of 1). Thistle Boxer Rescue agrees to pay for the cost of this surgery although we may specify that treatment is carried out at a particular practice. If you choose to have it done elsewhere, we will only pay the equivalent cost at our preferred practice.
  3. I agree to provide food, shelter, adequate exercise and veterinary care (including routine vaccinations) for the lifetime of the dog.
  4. I agree NOT to use the dog for breeding in any way or to use him/her for any financial gain (whether through sale or other means).
  5. I agree that Thistle Boxer Rescue will not be held responsible for any damage caused by the dog after rehoming and to arrange appropriate third-party insurance.
  6. I agree to allow a volunteer to access the dog at a mutually agreed date/time to carry out follow-up checks. If we are unable to carry out these checks then Thistle Boxer Rescue has the right to remove the dog from my / our care.
  7. I agree to contact Thistle Boxer Rescue if, for any reason, I am no longer able to care for the dog and to return him/her immediately into their care. I MUST NOT attempt to either re-home the dog myself or to advertise him/her for sale.
  8. I agree to inform Thistle Boxer Rescue if my address, phone number or circumstances change whilst the dog is in my care.
  9. I agree that if, at any time, the trustees of Thistle Boxer Rescue decide that it is not in the dog’s best interest to remain in your care that they have the right to remove him/her from my custody.
  10. I understand that financial assistance towards veterinary fees for adopted dogs is entirely at the discretion of the Thistle Boxer Rescue trustees, even for long-term, chronic or pre-existing conditions. Every case is different and we try to help, if in our opinion it is appropriate and we are able to do so. (If this has been agreed, please note the details of
    the extent of the cover below and ensure it is signed by a Thistle Boxer Rescue trustee.)

Adoption Fee

Update with specifics based on agreed adoption fees 2023:

Up to 2 years, £450. TBR will pay £200 towards the cost of neutering, any cost beyond this will be picked up by yourself. 2-7years £350 . TBR will pay £200 towards the cost of neutering, any cost beyond this will be picked up by yourself.
7 plus £200 and advice on neutering remove all info other than the cost of the adoption, situation with neutering.

Payment to be made to:

Thistle Boxer Rescue
Royal Bank of Scotland
Sort Code: 16-00-21
Account No: 10974488


Issued on initial adoption application in the format of TBRA-YOURSURNAME-123
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