Adopting a Boxer

We ask that all potential adopters fill in our online application form, which asks for some information about you and your household.

Upon receipt of your application, you will then be contacted by one of our volunteers who will conduct the first stage of the application process by phone/Zoom/Facetime.

If you are interested in adopting one of our boxers and would like to discuss this in more detail, please give us a call.

Please note that we only rehome dogs to adopters in Scotland

Adopting a rescue dog should not be considered lightly and is not a substitute for not being able to find a puppy.   Please do think long and hard about whether you have the time, patience and sometimes funds to spend looking after a dog that may have different needs.   
Before you take the time to complete the application, please make sure you are thought about the following:
  • Will you have plenty of time to dedicate to training your dog?  This won’t happen overnight and rescue dogs can sometimes take months, if not years to settle properly, but the payback is priceless and very rewarding.
  • Whilst many people are now working from home, or spending more time at home, will you still have the time to spend with your dog in the first few weeks/months to integrate them, as many dogs won’t be used to your home environment so we wouldn’t recommend you leaving them for periods on their own
  • Will you have time to try out new things with your dog, such as diet, exercise and in some instances help them play for the first time?  It is not always instinctive when these dogs have never had toys, they really need to be played with so that they can learn what having fun means, but this will take patience.
  • How confident are you with socialising your dog with other dogs?  Some rescue dogs will be nervous or reactive and will need to be introduced to scenarios gradually. 

Please read fully the following Terms of Adoption before completing an application form:


Adoption Form