The Rainbow Bridge


It is impossible to forget a dog that gave you so much to remember.


Beautiful Buster

We at the charity recognise that not every story has a forever home ending and this was the case with Buster but he touched the hearts of so many and will always be remembered.

The lovely three year old  came into our care on the 19th September 2021.  He came from a home which he shared with 3 other boxer dogs.  He was the only dog who was without his hearing and had started having behaviour issues and showing signs of aggression to the older male dog in the house. 

TBR engaged with a host of experts and vets, who assessed Buster, both clinical and behavioural.  His story does not have the happy ending we had first hoped for and after 6 weeks the vets gave TBR the most devastating news that poor Buster could not be fixed.  On Monday 1st November Buster took his last peaceful sleep.

There were numerous people who gave up their time and hearts to try and help Buster and the charity will always be grateful to everyone for their efforts.

We would like to give our thanks to ...

Jock and his wife for giving Buster a home after he was initially surrendered.

Kirstine and Steve
Bugarivo Boxers & Rottweilers 

Kirkton Vets

for stepping in when Buster needed a roof over his head.  They offered up one of their kennels to give TBR the breathing space to find him help and get him assessed by professional experts.

for taking Buster into your home and under your wing.  You assessed him and begun giving him the basic training (and manners) to enable us to move him into his foster care home.

for your support with Buster’s disability. 
Your knowledge of deaf dogs is superb and was invaluable.

for your patience with Buster to get the ongoing medical and clinical treatment.

And lastly but certainly not least to Mandy & Holly…..the ladies with the biggest hearts.  

They gave Buster love unconditionally.  No one worked harder to give Buster a fantastic home, however, with the greatest sadness, Buster was too broken to continue in this world. Your kindness was his greatest gift.

Run free gorgeous boy xxx

Beautiful Bess

Thistle Boxer Rescue received such sad news on 10th February 2022.  The beautiful, spirited Bess crossed the rainbow bridge after a short spell of illness. 

Bess was 9.5 years young.

Her mum and dad were understandably devastated as she had only been with them for a short 6 months.

During that time she stole their hearts and filled the home with fun again.  The family showed so much kindness to this lovely lady in her senior years and the biggest gift they gave her was unconditional love.

Our thoughts are with you all.  You know who you are and you should be very proud of what you gave Bess.


Run free with Bradley and Bailey sweet girl xxx