At Thistle Boxer Rescue we do everything we can to make things as easy as possible for the boxers in our care and try to accommodate them with foster families if at all possible.  This gives us time to arrange a long-term home and also the opportunity to carry out an assessment of the dog within a home environment.  The length of fostering can range from a few days or until the dog gets a new home.  

We are always happy to receive new applications for foster homes.  It is not essential that you are currently a dog owner and we welcome applications from dog-free homes as some of our boxers aren’t good with other dogs.  What we do look for is that you can provide a safe home and have the time and commitment to help a boxer in need.

Fostering has many rewards and can make a big difference to a boxer’s chance of a successful loving forever home.  If you would like to discuss applying to foster a boxer, please give us a call or complete the online application form.

Please fill in as much information as possible as this helps us to match dogs with the most appropriate foster families for them.