Meet the Team


I’m Katrina and live in Edinburgh with my family and our gorgeous 7.5 year old boxer Boo, who we rescued when she was 2 years old.

My experience with dogs spans 40 years and my experience with boxers exceeds 15.

I have been a volunteer with TBR for the past 2 years and earlier this year I became one of the Trustees. I had previously volunteered with another Scottish boxer charity.

Helping run a charity is hard work, however, extremely rewarding.

To see the faces of the new families when they take into their lives a rescue, makes it all worthwhile, knowing that the dog and the family’s life will change forever in that instant.

During my time with the charity, I have had the privilege to meet so many wonderful people who really care for the breed and genuinely want to make a difference. 

Here at Thistle Boxer Rescue, we not only rehome dogs but we aim to give continuing support to their new families, whilst making lifelong friendships with them too.

My advice to anyone thinking about rescuing is that whilst rescuing a dog has it’s rewards, it also takes patience and time to gain their trust as life has not been kind to them prior to their rescue. Adoption should not be taken lightly and a lot of consideration should be given to how the dog fits in with your family and lifestyle.


I’m Libby and live in Aberdeen with my partner Jay and our 2 boxers Milo (just over 2) our rescue Sira (7).

I’ve loved the breed since I was a child. It’s quite difficult to try to sum up why boxers are the best, but I do think it’s because you really don’t know what boxer mood you’ll get from day to day. One moment they can be bouncing around like Buster from the John Lewis ad, the next, they are curled up like a fox snoring their head off whilst forgetting that they aren’t lap dogs and have made your whole body have pins and needles. The fact that they follow you everywhere and the excitement when you reenter the room after literally leaving to put the kettle on is unrivaled.

When I first moved to Scotland I found TBR and applied to adopt, during the home check I loved what I was hearing about the charity and what they were trying to do so I asked if they needed any help. So what started out as volunteering with some initial home checks and ideas on fundraising, has led me to now be one of the Charities Trustees.

Seeing a dog that comes into our care that hasn’t had the best starts in life, or has unfortunately not been able to stay in the family that they are used to, then being matched with their forever family really is the best. Watching both the dog and the family thrive with each other and start the next phase of the dog’s life is really amazing.

As a small charity we can’t help all of the dogs in need. That is really hard, especially when the dogs are older and have been in kennels for a long time.  If you are thinking of rescue, please do your research.  Whilst it is an amazing thing to do, it’s not for everyone.


Hi, I’m Colin and I am TBR’s newest trustee.  When I retired from the Civil Service after a career of 41 years, I decided to join this great charity which my wife has supported for the past 2 years.

My experience with dogs is similar to Katrina’s and I bring to the charity a wealth of knowledge around processes and structures.  I will be supporting the charity around picking up and transporting the rescue dogs to their new forever homes and bring a fresh pair of eyes to ensure that the charity’s procedures run smoothly.

Boxer dogs are an extraordinary breed, funny, loyal and very close to our family’s heart.  I feel privileged in being part of their journey moving forward into their new lives.

One of the charity’s principle aims is to ensure that we perfectly match the rescue dog to the new family.  We understand that life has not always been kind to these dogs and some will come with behaviour issues.  However, irrespective of history we will always endeavour to find a forever home for every dog that comes into our care.