Surrendering Your Dog

There are many different reasons why people have to consider giving up their dog.

We are happy to have a confidential call with you to offer advice and guidance (with no judgement) and if in the end you can no longer look after your boxer, we are here to help.

We may not be always able to help in rehoming your dog, as these situations are very rarely the same,  but we will offer you support where we can.  

After an initial conversation with one of the team, we would then call you back to let you know that we can either help rehome your dog or advise you if we think another route may be advisable.  

We do not have a central rescue centre but use a network of experienced boxer foster homes.  If we did take your dog, they would be placed initially with one of our foster families ahead of us looking for a new home for them.  

Information that would be needed from you:

As much background on your dog as possible, including their exercise routine, what food you give them, their likes and dislikes (including any behavioural issues)

We would also need to see their full vet records, including their vaccination certificates and microchip details.    

We fully appreciate that this would not be a situation you have come to lightly and if you do want to speak to us either call us on 077594 61091,  email us at, or fill in the form below and one of our volunteers will be in touch:

for example has the dog been around children (including their ages)
Please provide the key reasons for giving up your dog
For example any ongoing medical issues or treatments