Status: Adopted
Age: 2

Bruno has come into our care following a change in family circumstances

As a typical young boxer he needs the right level of exercise and attention to his on going training, so we are looking for a family who has someone at home all day and is prepared to provide him a consistent routine.

Bruno is still very excitable when on lead,  as unfortunately he hasn’t had as much socialisation in recent months.  However, he responds well to commands so we are hoping with consistency and more regular interaction with other dogs will make his daily walks more smooth.

Bruno has been living with a young child and demonstrated how loving he was.  Adapting his play levels to being very gentle and wanted attention when his baby human brother was in the room.

He loves playing with toys and will become destructive if left for periods on his own.

Still very excited when new people come into the house but nothing unusual with a boxer of his age.

Has lived with children
Untested with cats and living with another dog so preference to be only pet in the house.

Welcome to the family Bruno

Bruno does not like smaller dogs so a strong handler who can work with him on his reactivity will be needed.