Status: Adopted
Age: 8 Years

He has come into our care due to falling out with the other dog in the house. A series of unfortunate events have meant Frank has become reactive with other dogs so his foster family will be working with a behaviourist to help him get back on his paws.

Frank has recently returned to Scotland where he had been living with his family in Cyprus.
We are taking things slowly with Frank as lots of new experiences with him, least of all the weather. Gradual introduction to walks in quieter areas so we can assess how he is with other dogs when he’s out and about. He loves to play with his ball and is also taking his toy chicken on his walks.

Frank has been given a clean bill of health from the vet. He has all the appropriate papers in place from his move from Cyprus.
We are looking for a house that has the time and patience to work with Frank to overcome some of his reactivity issues. He’s a real cuddler, but will need time and space to work on interacting with other dogs over time.
For this reason, we are looking for him to be the only pet in the house.

If interested, please fill out our adoption form and specify the name of the dog(s) in the application.
Or if having problems, contact, or call 07759 461091